A Terrible Beauty Is Born

Music  (before the show begins)

Song:  “Four Green Fields”
Welcome (Josh Tuohy)
Welcome (Maura Naughton)
Song: The Minstrel-Boy/Let Erin Remember

Poem:  Easter 1916, by William Butler Yeats

Narrator (Maud Gonne): Introduction

James Connolly

Constance Markiewicz

Song: The Rising of the Moon

Seán MacDiarmada

Thomas MacDonagh

Poem:  At the End, by Thomas MacDonagh

Thomas Clarke

Éamon Ceannt

Joseph Plunkett

Poem:  I See His Blood Upon the Rose, by Joseph Plunkett

Pádraig Pearse

Song: A Soldier’s Song

Narrator: uprising events, part 1

Pearse: Proclamation of the Irish Republic

Song: The Foggy Dew

Narrator: uprising events, part 2

Poem:  1916, by Eric Rosenbloom

Narrator: uprising events, part 3

Narrator: Pádraig Pearse
Pearse: last words (each signatory bows his head after reciting last words)

Narrator: Thomas Clarke
Clarke: last words

Narrator: Thomas MacDonagh
MacDonagh: last words

Narrator: Joseph Plunkett
Plunkett: last words

Narrator: Ned Daly

Narrator: Willie Pearse

Narrator: Michael O’Hanrahan

Narrator: John MacBride

Narrator: Éamonn Ceannt
Ceannt: last words

Narrator: Michael Mallin

Narrator: Con Colbert

Narrator: Seán Heuston.

Narrator: Seán MacDiarmada
MacDiarmada: last words

Narrator: James Connolly
Connolly: last words

Narrator: brief setup for …
Mrs. Margaret Pearse: Pádraig Pearse’s letter

Narrator: Conclusion

Song: Óró ’s é do bheatha ’bhaile
Thanks (Josh & Maura)
Song: A Nation Once Again

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