Tables 4.1 and 6.1 from
Wake Rites:
The Ancient Irish Rituals of Finnegans Wake

by George Cinclair Gibson
(University Press of Florida, 2005)

The events leading to the divestiture and demise of the king at the Teamhur Feis and the corresponding events in Finnegans Wake
The event at the Teamhur Feis   Description of Event   Correspondence in Finnegans Wake

Opening the Forradh of a dead king   An elder Seer opens the passage grave, enters, and utters mantic prophecy.   Kate enters “Museyroom,” the chambered tumulus, and utters dire predictions regarding HCE.
The King’s Ritual Dance   As a test of his virility and competency, the King must shoulder a sack of earth and perform a ritual dance; if he falls, he fails as King.   The Great Fall of HCE, told as the Fall of the hod-carrier Finnegan who fails to shoulder the load he is required to carry.
Royal Geis on Wells and Welling Ritual   The King is forbidden to intrude upon the Welling Rituals of the goddess Ana.   HCE’s crime of voyeurism in ”The Phoenix Park Incident.”
Royal Geis on the Sacred Sod   The King is forbidden to use “Sacred Sod” for personal hygienic purposes.   In “Buckley and the Russian General,” the leader is killed for using sacred sod.
Geis on Torc Caille   The King must not misappropriate the torc caille, the “pig of the fire,” from which the seasonal bonfires are relit.   In “The Trial of Festy King,” misappropriation of a “pig” is the main charge against the King.
The Rite of Lommrad,
“The Shearing Away”
  The Queen manifests in her negative aspect, takes back from a failing King her gifts of power and fertility.   The “Prankquean” takes back her gifts from the failed Jarl.
Performance of
Bria-mon is meth righe
  Bards perform a satirical Rann against the King in an attempt to incite opinion against him.   “Hosty” the Bard composes and performs his vicious “Rann” against the failed HCE.
The Encounters with Mog Ruith   Mog Ruith formally charges the King; performs the ritual execration, the glam diccen; slays King.   Magrath vs. HCE in: “The Encounter in the Park”; “The Banger at the Gate”; “The Murder of HCE.”
The King Returns to Tir na Nog   A magical ship conveys the King to “Land of Youth” where he returns to youthful state with a beautiful goddess.   HCE recovers youth, and sails on honeymoon voyage with “Isolde.”

The Rites of Investiture at the Teamhur Feis and their correspondences in Finnegans Wake
The event at the Teamhur Feis   Description of Event   Correspondence in Finnegans Wake

Tarbh Feis   Four Elder Druids give a man with mediumistic propensities a ritual meal, place him supine on ground in trance state, and interrogate entities that speak through him.   In “The Inquest of Shaun,” the Four Elders give Shaun a huge meal, place him supine on ground, place him in trance, and interrogate entities that speak through him.
Carpat na Flatha,
Chariot of the Kings?
  The Royal Candidate is placed in a cauldron with his totem animal, the horse; king must ride and exhibit control (mastery) over horses.   Shaun is placed in or near the “holy kettle” with a donkey; victorious HCE enters on horseback and displays control over horses.
Casal Rig,
The Cloak of Kingship
  “Test of the Mantle”: the candidate must perfectly fit into a tight-fitting garment; if it does not fit, he cannot marry the queen.   In “The Sailor and Tailor,” the Sailor cannot marry unless and until his Tailor-made suit fits perfectly.
The Voice of Fal   The “Voice of the Thunder God” must be heard throughout the Feis as a sign of divine validation.   “Thunderwords” heard throughout the Wake are the “Voice of the Thunder God.”
The Portal Test
  The Candidate must traverse the space between stones or through a portal.   HCE carefully traverses “The Hole in the Wall” and “The Stonehinged Gate.”
Banais Righe,
“Wedding Feast of Kingship”
  Royal inauguration and marriage of king through union with goddess in three of her manifestations. Banais Righe involves 3 rites: (1) drinking intoxicating liquid, (2) coition with queen, and (3) immersion in her sacred well.   (1) HCE as “King of Ireland” sucks up all drinks in tavern; (2) HCE has sex with his “queen/goddess”; (3) HCE/Kevin is immersed in the sacred waters of Anna.
Deisil of Tech Midchuarta   King performs a ritual procession of 14 stages.   Shem’s 14-stage procession called the “Via Crucis.”
Relighting the Torc Caille   Ritual bonfire is relit at the vernal equinox and proclaims ascendancy of one who lights it.   Saint Patrick lights the Paschal fire at Tara at the very moment the pagans expect the relighting of the torc caille.