by Eric Rosenbloom
copyright 2001

Finn has falln, the days work dumb, and out of Ossians roil tossed in the tides of sleep. Here Comes Everbody. Allov Lifes Pluribles. Oraface seened en the park. Say what they will, his howsis home, she writes. Nightly.

Clash. The center of his affectation is Issy and Mama likes Shem (she has his ear) and Shem likes Issy but Issy likes the angel look of Shaun (their poles how they war so! but she’ll be sucker for Napoleons, dust to see) if only he could notice her here and here leave alone the woman she is issing to be for he is thinking only of himself in the fatter’s (’supper) place and Shem is everything he loathes about the man and how could Mammy lave the dirty double?

And the children will grow themselves and they will steal away in loves and they will be children going their places here and hithering on and they will be olders and dotteries in their mountin memories, Privates Tom, Dick, and Harry temped by Faun and Flora, dove tail and ravin hair that were athwart themselse with the 12 roomers round his tables and the 28 daze colors in her wearings and the 4 corners of a brain pan, with history coming out one side the bed and the arts off the other. But.

Now is all pashen grey. Invader he’s married and buried, river her flows past stone and tree and leaves to sea, as all estremes, letter lost, a sung tha sank a day befor a smiles a rise a