by Eric Rosenbloom
copyright 2001

Ha ha ha the spirit of our world laughs
Our whirled laughs, ha ha, the spirit
Strikes us funny, death on holiday,
And life’s green blossoms blossom forth,
Three steps to madness, dance of love,
Her furled leaves: The stones that turn to stare,
The sun that slinks away, a thousand stars
Suffice to read these shapes and lift
This flower to your lips O love
That day that holy day ho ho.

This ache in my breast is a yearning pressed
To wait, wait, a burden undeserved,
A crush, a cold bed spurned by sleep,
Its wages cut by anxious woes, and foes,
It slows in approach and flees, jumping away.
My bowels clench with the twisting sheet.
My teeth are clamped by nervous jaw.
My muscles knot. The blood has drained away.
My limbs are only twinges in the suffocating night
The phlegm is rising against each breath,
No heat is left but wheezing memory
And parched lip and bruised rib.

Wake in me, spirit, wake me O love
And I will drink the new day’s light.
Transforming night that brings a smiling sun:
A round of song to greet the day, hey hey,
What shines of yesterday, the holy dream,
The soft embrace, the kiss
That carries us each day on day
And days are not dark and nights know rest
And warm blood fills your lips
And I hold your hand in mine.

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