ó Foclóir Gaeilge–Béarla (Ó Dónaill, 1977)

aimléis » Wretch.

aimleoir » Wretch; deformed person.

ainnis » Miserable; mean; wretched, afflicted.

ainriocht » Evil state; wretched condition.

anacróir » Person in distress; wretch.

angarúinneach » Hanger-on; miserable, wretched, creature.

anró » Wretched condition.

broghais (de dhuine) » lazy, listless, person; wretch.

cealdrach » Wretched-looking creature.

clamhaire » Mangy, wretched, creature.

clamhrán » Scabby wretch; insignificant person.

cnápach » Wretch.

cráiteachán » Sad, tormented, person; miserable creature, wretch.

dearóil » Mean, lowly; needy, poor; wretched.

Éadach díblí » worn-out, wretched, clothing.

diolba » poorly-clad, wretched.

dona » Poor, wretched.

donaire » Wretch.

donaisín » Little wretch, weakling.

donán » Unfortunate person, wretch.

donóg » Wretched woman, wretch.

drabhlásach » Bitter, disagreeable; wretched.

eidimeáil » Tattered, wretched, appearance.

eiseamláir » Wretched example; wretch.

fuad » Thief, vagrant, wretch.

fuaice » Wretch, clown.

fuaideartha » Wretched.

fualán » Wretch, pimp.

Ruidín fuail » miserable wretch.

gránna » Poor, wretched, unfortunate.

íde » Ill usage; (wretched) state, plight.

mac soipín » despicable fellow, wretch.

meilit » Shrivelled, wretched, creature.

oilithreach » Poor homeless wanderer; wretched person.

olc » Poor, wretched, inferior, invalid.

raispín » Miserable person, wretch.

rama » Wretch.

riabhach » Dull, gloomy; dismal, wretched.

sampla » Wretched, afflicted, person.

samplóir » Wretched, afflicted, person.

Saol anróiteach » hard, wretched, life.

Punt scallta » one wretched pound.

sianaí » Whiner, whinger; wretch.

splíonach » Thin, sparse; lifeless, wretched.

streabhóg » Worthless, wretched, creature.

Beatha shuarach » wretched life.

Tá sé ag féachaint go suarach » he looks wretched.

táir » Mean, base, vile, wretched.

tráill » Slavish person, wretch.

troch » Miserable person, wretch.

trochailte » In wretched, decayed, state.

trua » Miserable person, wretch.

truaill » Wretch.

truailleachán » Mean person, miser; wretch.

truán » Miserable person, wretch.

truanairt » Wretch.

truánta » Wretched; thin, emaciated.

An dreoilín bocht » the poor little thing; the little wretch.

Is é an faraor é » he is such a wretch.