Irish Gaelic Phrases and Expressions

Adapted from   See also 350 Phrases and Irish Words.

Each Irish phrase is presented in bold, followed by rough pronunciation and roughly literal meaning in italics and the conversational meaning in normal roman type.

Quick prononciation tip: d with e or i (slender) is often pronounced like ‘j’; with a, o, or u (broad) generally like hard ‘th’. Slender t is often pronounced like ‘ch’; broad t generally like soft ‘th’.

Día dhuit

Dee-ah gwit

God to you


Día’s Muire dhuit

Dee-us Mwir-eh gwit

God and Mary to you

Hello in response to ‘Dia dhuit’

Cad is ainm duit?

Cod iss anim dit?

What is [the] name to you?

What is your name?

Seán is ainm dom

Seán iss anim dum

Seán is [the] name to me

My name is Seán

Conas atá tú?

Kun-ass ’taw too?

How are you?

Cén chaoi a bhfuil tú?

Kay’n khwee a will tu?

What way are you?

How are you? (Connacht dialect)

Tá mé go maith

Taw may guh mah

I am well

Go raibh maith agat

Gurreh ma-ha-gut

May there may be good at you


Tá fáilte romhat

Taw fall-te row-at

There is a welcome before you

You’re welcome (response to thanks and a greeting)

Más é do thoil é

Maws ay duh holl ay

If it is your will


Níl a fhios agam

Neel iss a-gum

The knowledge is not at me

I don’t know

Ní thuigim

Nee hig-im

I don’t understand

Gabh mo leithscéal

Guh muh leh-shkale

Accept my excuse

Excuse me / Pardon me

Fan go fóill

Fan guh foal

Wait a bit

An ndéir tú liom é?

Un nyair tu lum eh?

Do you say to me it?

You don’t say

Slán leat

Slawn lat

Health/safety with you


Oíche mhaith dhuit

Ee-huh wah gwit

Night good to you

Good night

Slán go fóill

Slawn guh foal

Health/safety for now

See you later / Bye for now

Dún an doras

Doon un dur-ass

Close the door

Buíochas le Dia

Bweekhus leh dee-uh

Thank God




Cheers (toast)

Conas atá an craic?

Kunnas a-taw un crack?

How’s the craic/fun?

What’s up?

Cad as dhuit?

Cud us gwit?

Where are you from?

Is as na Stáit Aontaithe mé

Iss oss nah Stawt Ane-tih-hah may

It is out of the States United me

I am from the United States

Is  múinteoir/macléinn/dlídóir/Éireannach  mé

Iss  moontore/mak-lane/dleedore/Airenokh  may

Is a  teacher / student / lawyer / Irish person  me

I am a  teacher / student / lawyer / Irish person

Abair arís é / Abair é sin arís

Ah-bur areesh ay / Ah-bur ay shin areesh

Say again it / Say that again

Say it again / Say that again

Maith thú / Go maith

Mah hoo / Guh mah

Good to you / Well

Well done / OK

Tá/Níl  áthas/fearg/ocras/tart/brón/eagla/tuirse/díoma/náire/imní/amhras/ionadh   orm/ort/air/uirthi/orainn/oraibh/orthu

Taw/Neel  aw-hass/far-ig/uk-rass/tort/brone/og-la/teer-sha/dee’ma/nawra/imnee/owrus/oona   orum/ort/err/err-hee/oreen/orev/orhoo

There is/isn’t  happiness/anger/hunger/thirst/sadness/anger/fatigue/disappointment/shame/anxiety/doubt/surprise  on  me/you/him/her/us/ye/them

I(/etc.) am/not  happy/angry/hungry/thirsty/sad/angry/tired/disappointed/ashamed/anxious/doubtful/suprised

Tá/Níl sé  fuar / te / gaofar / ag cur báistí / ag cur sneachta

Taw/Neel shay  foor / teh / gway-fer / egg kur baw-shtee / egg kur shnakh-tah

It is/isn’t  cold / hot / windy / putting rain / putting snow

It is/isn’t  cold/hot/windy/raining/snowing

Is/Ní  maith/fearr/féidir   liom/leat/leis/léi/linn/libh/leo  é

Iss/Nee  mah/fahr/fayder   lum/lat/lesh/lay-ee/ling/liv/loh  ay

Good/preference/ability  is/isn’t with  me/you/him/her/us/ye/them

I(/etc.)/don’t  like/prefer/can  it

Ar mhaith leat tae?

Err wah lat tay?

Would tea be good with you?

Would you like some tea?

Ba/Níor mhaith liom tae

Buh/Neer wah lum tay

Tea would/wouldn’t be good with me

I would/wouldn’t like some tea

Cad ba mhaith leat?

Kud ba wah lat?

What would be good with you?

What would you like?

Cad a bfhearr leat?

Kud a bar lat?

What would be the preference with you?

What would you like?

An mbeidh tae agat?

On mey tey agut? Will tea be with you?

Will you have some tea?

Is cuma liom

Iss cummah lum

It’s the same with me

I don’t mind/care

Ná bac leis

Naw bak lesh

Don’t bother with it

Never mind

Beidh/Ní bheidh tae agam.

Beg / Nee veg tey agum. Tea will/won’t be with me.

I will/won’t have some tea.

Is/Ní doigh/dearbh liom

Iss/Nee  doy/darv  lum

It/Not  expects / is certain  with me

I/not  think so / am certain

Tá súil agam

Taw sool agum

I have an eye

I hope so

An bhfuil Gaeilge agat?

On will Gail-geh a-gut?

Is there Gaelic at you?

Do you speak Gaelic/Irish?



A small bit

A little

Tá cúpla focal agam

Taw koop-la fuk-el a-gum

There are a couple of words at me

I speak a little Irish