Homes of Residents of Athens
From History of Athens Vermont by Lora M. Wyman (1963)
Dash indicates structure not existent. Later road names are in brackets. ‘<1800’ in brackets indicates existing house (c.1960) built before 1800. 1856 residents added by editor according to 1856 map. Photo links via the Town of Athens and Find a Grave. See also: 1869 map.

 1869  1914  1957  
Road #2, Rte. 35 (“Upper Road”)
[photo]A. A. Wyman
1856: Rev. L. C. Dickinson
Jed Vancor —
[<1800?]T. Wyman (al. 1856)Mrs. Andrew WymanMerle Kelton
 A. and W.H. Thompson*
1856: T. Plant, S. Ober
Hollon KeltonAlfred M. Kelton
 S. E. Latham†
1856: Dodge
 ? ?
 S. C. Ranney
1856: Post Office
Charles WillisMrs. Harrison Kingsbury
[photo]J. Nichols (al. 1856)Charles ColtonAllen Steadman
[photo‡]Post OfficeWill BemisJohn Woodard
  — —Clarence Woodard
 Old Shop
1856: D. Perham
Old ShopElizabeth Coster
[photo] [photo] [photo]A. StevensHolland HastingsS. S. Smith
[photo]Lyman AlexanderPrentice EdwardsRobert Fletcher
 E. A. and L. Ball
1856: E. A. Ball
Cellar holeCellar hole
[photo]M. E. Church Old ParsonageVacantJuanita Neathawk
  — —John Kelton
[photo]Col. S. B. Wells
1856: School House [Dist. No. 2]
Mark Perry, Franklin Elliott (later)Clayton Walker
[photo]C. Dunham
1856: E. Bailey
Fred DunhamRalph and Shirley Fletcher
 1856: M. W. Davis ? ?
[photo] [photo]Brick [Union] Church [Meetinghouse]
  — —Paul Bemis
[photo]J. DunhamHarry CarrJohn H. DeKlyn
  — —J. R. Gosselin, Jr.
  — —J. R. Gosselin, Sr.
 C. W. Davis*James Brown, Jr.John O'Connor
[photo]West Cemetery
 L. E. BowlesH. D. MorehouseVacant
 West Pond [Athens Pond]
[photo]Schoolhouse Dist. No. 1 (al. 1856)SchoolhouseOwned by Raymond Bemis
[photo]J. Porter
1856: J. Redfield
Simeon BemisFrank May
[<1800]J. Austin (al. 1856)George MitchellMrs. Dwight P. Spencer
[<1800] [photo]Nial Bemis, Sr.
1856: N. Bemis
Eugene BemisRobert Bemis
 N. Bemis (al. 1856) — (foot of Bemis Hill) —
Road #1 to Brookline (“Lower Road”)
[photo]A. AlexanderMinnie SmithVacant
 S. S. Hazen — —
[photo] [photo]Schoolhouse Dist. No. 2 (moved from upper road in 1857)
[photo]White [M. E.] Church
[photo]S. J. Upton
1856: W. Hall
Melvina UptonJohn Kennedy
 M. A. Wright
1856: ?
Percy ClarkD. E. Grout
[photo]J. O. Kingsley
1856: Boynton
Eugene KingsleyDwight Hitchcock
 C. WhitneyErnest KnightGraeme Keith
[photo]Scythe Snath ShopScythe Snath Shop —
[photo]Daniel PerhamJane Smith—M. E. [new] ParsonageRev. Howard Roberts
[<1800] [photo]Alvan Parkhurst
1856: N. W. Oak
George Swan and Ida BallSilas Butson
 Nathaniel Powers — (east of Parsonage [Miller Rd.]) —
 J. K. Ball
1856: L. Wiswell
 — (east of Parsonage [Miller Rd.]) —
[photo]Dustin Ball (al. 1856)D. D. HitchcockRobt. Hitchcock
  —Jerry M. PowersVacant
[<1800?] [photo] [photo (ctr. right)]Merrill J. Powers§
1856: J. M Powers
David HitchcockJoseph Perry, Gordon Perry
[photo (left)]Aaron W. BallGeo. W. SmithLeonard Bingham
[photo]Amos T. Ball
1856: A. F. Ball
Henry P. SweetCellar Hole
 Sugar-houseSugar-houseJames Tenney
[photo]L. O. PowersBert ParkerEarle Sprague
[photo]Rev. O. R. Edwards
1856: A. Powers
Winfield A. WymanNed W. Wyman
[photo]E. CobleighSam SmithS. Lee Clark
[photo] [photo] [photo]Brick Schoolhouse Dist. No. 3 (al. 1856)SchoolhouseRaymond Oakes
 Saw Mill (L. O. Powers) (al. 1856)Dam and PondSite of Mill
  — —Rose Oakes, Lyle Oakes
  — —L. Duverney
[photo]E. A. C. Dodge
1856: O. L. Perham
Eugene RobbinsHarry Bollman
 James Smith
1856: L. Brown
VacantRobert Smith
  — —Forrest Coburn
 1856: H. Moore
 ? ?
Road No. 6 (Woodard [Bemis Pond Rd. and Walker Rd.])
 J. M. Goodnow
1856: T. Thrasher
 —Gerry Walker
 J. Phelps
1856: C. Willard
Cellar holeCellar hole
[photo]D. S. Farr
1856: J. Brown
Hervey Thomas —
 J. M. Goodnow — (pond road) —
 E. and A. G. Colton — (pond road) —
Road No. 4 (Herring [Herring Hill Rd.])
 W. Bridges — —
[<1800] [photo] [photo] [photo]G. OberFred OberMiss Elizabeth Herring
Road No. 11 (Ernst [Ernst Rd.])
[Capt. Seth Oak <1800, 1782?] [photo]Mrs. Davis
1856: C. Dunham
Bertie WilcoxAlfred Ernst
 Miss M. ColtonVacantLester White
Road No. 7 (Knight [McCusker Rd.])
[James Shafter’s tavern <1800] [photo]C. C. Davis
1856: A. Davis
Nial BemisThomas McCusker
  — —Selden Knight
  — —John Strong
Road No. 3 (Karlson [Reed Rd.])
[photo]G. Howard — —
 J. A. Hitchcock — —
  —McClenningsEarle Christian
 N. BemisAlbert ReedAlva and Roy Reed
[photo]W. J. Fuller||Lucius ThomasMartha Kutscha
 R. H. Hall —David Karlson
[photo]J. Brown, Sr.
1856: J. D. Shafter (McCusker Rd.)
Sarah BrownJohn Perry
Road from [T.] Wyman Place east above [Cambridgeport] cemetery [Sleepy Valley Rd.]
 D. Cushing (west) — —
 W. E. Westgate (east)John WymanCellar hole
Road No. 12 (Mill Hill)
[photo]M. Ball (al. 1856)Willis BallFrancis Taylor
 S. M. Ball (al. 1856) — —
[<1800] [photo]E. P. ShattuckCharles DunhamMinerva Rautenstrauch
Road No. 14 (Cemetery [Valley Cemetery Rd.])
[photo]Valley Cemetery
 Mrs. H. Whitney
1856: A. Ball
Edd GlazierG. W. Stevens
 Abner Washington Powers
1856: A. Whitney
Forrest Knight —
  — —Dr. G. G. Pugh
[photo]John Oakes
1856: F. Oak
Stephen SmithArchie Jones
 Franklin Oakes
1856: H. Fuller
Cellar holeCellar hole
 L. O. Powers (al. 1856)Cellar holeHugh Haskins
[<1800] [photo]Mrs. P. Bennett
1856: B. Carpeter
Clara OakesEdward J. Perry
  — —Gerould Perry
Road No. 16 (Sherman Oakes [Whitney Hill Rd.])
[photo]R. Whitney (al. 1856)Sherman OakesDr. Mark Altschule
[photo]J. L. Perham
1856: J. Perham
Cellar holeCellar hole

*The 1869 map indicates 2 houses.
Added as separate entry by editor.
The 1869 map has the Post Office at Lyman Alexander’s house, and Wyman’s history (p. 38) notes that “Lyman Alexander was postmaster at one time.”
§The 1869 map specifies “J. M. Powers.”
||The 1869 map specifies “J. Fuller.”